Come play with us in our other sandboxes!

ImageWe’ve got a great community on Facebook where we share links and chat with other like minded feminist fitness friends. You can like us there and join in the conversation, https://www.facebook.com/feministfitness.

You can follow us on Twitter too, FitFeminist Almost50 (50FitFeminist) on Twitter.

We’ve also got a Pinterest board, http://www.pinterest.com/samjabre/fit-feminist-and-almost-fifty/.

See you around!



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5 thoughts on “Come play with us in our other sandboxes!

  1. When is the T shirt coming out? Seriously, there must be someone who follows y’all who would help. And I for one would love one…



  2. The only quibble I have is that I’d like those of us slightly over 50 to be included in the club ! Well done anyway on this support.


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