A big warm Wednesday welcome to all of the new followers who found us via this wonderful article on feminist fitness bloggers by Avital Norman Nathman. It’s on the Ms Magazine blog and it’s called The Femisphere: Fitness Bloggers.

Natham writes:

“In a culture that conflates health with a particular body type–often achieved via Photoshop–it’s both refreshing and a relief to read fitness posts that are actually about being healthy. Striving for a certain media-based idea of “perfection” seems to have become the norm when it comes to discussing health and fitness. Not only does this continue to promote unhealthy and unrealistic ideals of beauty, but it can also lead to behavior that is the antithesis of being fit. Thankfully, there are many out there writing about fitness from a feminist perspective, and in doing so they challenge societal norms.”

We’re in great company. She also profiles Feminista Jones and Krista Scott Dixon. We feel honoured.

It’s always lovely to have new followers but it’s especially lovely when they come to us from a feminist referral. It’s nice to know we share some values at the start of a friendship.

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