Missing mornings: The downside of winter and our very short days



If you’re a night person, then the northern autumn is no great cause of stress or misery. Why there’s just more of what you love, the dark! But I’m decidedly not a night owl. No judgement there but I thrive on “early bed, early to rise.”

I’m just not so keen on long, dark mornings. And I’m not really ready for bed when it gets dark before I leave work in December. There are days when, if I’m not careful to get out at midday, I can miss the sun entirely.

It’s not that bad where I live, in Southwestern Ontario. The latest sunrise is almost 8 am and the latest sunset is just about 5 pm.

But still, it hurts. I love the sun. I don’t see very well in the dark and it makes me sleepy.

As we head into the dark I try to remind myself that from Christmas on, from the Winter Solstice really, it’s getting better. The worst is over. From Solstice on the days get longer and the light gets stronger. It might still be winter and cold but the light at least starts returning.



2 thoughts on “Missing mornings: The downside of winter and our very short days

  1. I am with you on this. I mourn the morning in winter! There is nothing like bright sunshine to kickstart your day (as in today after 3 grey, rainy days)!

  2. Love the picture of the early morning that you have at the top! I’m also a big fan of long days and early light in the a.m., late light in the p.m.

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