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Vegetable added everything

I’m a big fan of adding veggies to everything, sneaking them in where I can. Here’s some great hints here.

But I just got back from the weekly family grocery run with news to report on the added veggies front.

(So much work, all that moving food off shelves, into carts, into car, back home, into cupboards…sometimes I think I should just ring a bell in the driveway and teenagers could eat the food there. And yes, I feel incredibly privileged that my complaint about feeding teen athletes, not to mention two large dogs, is the work and not the expense.)

But what I noticed today was the ever increasing range of products with added vegetables. Apple sauce with peach and carrots, bread with added spinach, fruit juice with celery and greens. I started to wonder what’s next, cookies with added vegetables.

The Country Harvest bread promises 1 serving of vegetables for 1 slice of bread. I preferred the red kind, with red and orange added veggies, to the green kind, hello spinach, but the kids preferred neither and feed their toast to the dog.

I think they’re holding out for the vegetable Oreos.


4 thoughts on “Vegetable added everything

  1. Nice post. Great observation.
    Personally, I like getting my veggies as veggies. Somehow getting a ‘serving of vegetables’ in my toast doesn’t do it for me. But then again I love veggies and what a relief that I do!

  2. I actually like the Oasis juices Red and Purple. Not that I am looking to add any veggies to my diet (I am already on the ++ side) but because I find it really tasty! This seems to me like a new fad to make people feel good about what they have: Have a slice of Country Harvest! It is not the best bread you could have (and perhaps you should not have any) but eh! You are getting those veggies!

  3. … I have no words for how weird this seems to me. I mean… vegetables are a huge class of edible things. How is it even *possible* for it to be a cultural trope that “veggies” are universally gross but necessary, that we should all eat in a sort of penitential mood, or that we need to hide in other foods and trick ourselves (and our kids) into eating?

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