Sam takes stock and sets goals one year to go

We’re almost halfway to our “fittest by fifty” milestone birthday. The blog started in our 48th year, and at summer’s end I’ll be 49, one year to to go to 50. This seems like a good time to assess and evaluate.

What I’ve accomplished so far:

What I’m struggling with:

  • I’m still not as fit or fast as I once was! Read  Fittest by Fifty? Who’s the Competition? She is!  and she’s still faster. Grrr. But I’ve got a year to go and I need to decide how much I care about running. See the next bullet for more on this.
  • And I still want to weigh less even though my body composition has much improved.  I want to be the recommended weight for my bicycle’s race wheels!

And I have some goals for next year:

  • I’m going to continue with the Lean Eating program through the fall and work on my slow progress. It’s progress after all. And I’ll stay focused on nutrition and body composition rather than weight loss. That feels much healthier for me even though I get frustrated with my progress at times.
  • I don’t have a testing goal in AIkido but rumour has it I’m getting a lovely wooden sword for my birthday so I’d like to branch out and try weapons classes. That’s a way to extend my range without making the kind of commitment testing for a new belt would require. It will certainly help my Aikido. Here’s O Sensei. I won’t ever have that grace but I can learn some of the techniques.
  • During the fall I plan to start running regularly and try to run through the winter without injuring myself. I also plan to do some cross country skiing over the winter and play with my snow shoes. Generally I want to try to enjoy winter, be more active outside, and play in the snow!
  • I plan to do the Friends for Life Bike Rally : “A six-day, 600 km journey from Toronto to Montreal. Riders of all ages and levels of experience and crew supporting a variety of activities along the route unite in their passion to support people living with HIV/AIDS. The Friends For Life Bike Rally is the sustaining fundraiser of the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.”
  • I’d also like to do some rowing regattas.
  • This isn’t quite a goal since I’m not sure yet how to bring it about but I’d like to improve my soccer playing. I run pretty well but I need to improve my ball handling skills, learn how to get more control, and run with the ball. I think I’d like to play midfield…

I’m a North American academic so thinking of September as the start of a new year works very well for me. How about you? Do you have any fitness related plans or activities for the coming year?

8 thoughts on “Sam takes stock and sets goals one year to go

  1. I like your idea of setting goals at the beginning of the school year! I’m also with you on winter goals – just getting out more. I’m planning on looking into getting cross country skis again, and maybe borrowing my Aunt’s snowshoes and seeing how I like them. I also see a lot of good weather ahead, so I am going to keep running as much as I can until ice season. And, I am strength training right now, so my goals involve working my way through the program.

    1. I didn’t get out at all on my cross country skis last year. The snow was unpredictable so I didn’t establish a habit. I have a friend who keeps them ready to go in his car trunk and goes whenever the snow falls. I also didn’t use my snow shoes and they’re a lot of fun. So yes, I’m getting ready for winter this year!

  2. Hi Sam, did you use the coaching system or the self-study system at precision nutrition?

    1. I am seven months into the lean eating for women coached program. Recommend it if you like online interaction.

  3. Wow, you’ve done a lot in the past year! I’ve been following you for at least that long so none of this is new but to see it all laid out like this is very impressive!

    1. Thanks. Rereading the blog I was also reminded that I was sick and away from all forms of exercise for a month last winter so I’d add that to my list of challenges. There’s also one more thing on my bucket list, the Paris Ancaster bike race, http://parisancaster.com, Canada’s Spring Cycling Classic. It’s off road for some of it and often muddy, sometimes snowy, so I’d best get used to riding my cyclocross bike off the beaten path.

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