One year anniversary at CrossFit London

Yesterday was my one year anniversary at CrossFit London and I decided to renew my vows. In plain terms, I renewed my membership. My plan is two classes a week over the summer, three in the fall and winter. I’d do more but I like the outside too much.

CrossFit in New Zealand was a bit more outdoorsy. Hill running, stair repeats, and flipping giant tires.

I’ve written before about some things I love about CrossFit and other things about which I’m less certain. See Six Things I Love about Crossfit and Six Things I’m Not So Sure About. On balance, it’s definitely positive.

This post is a bit different though. I want to evaluate the “me” side of the relationship, looking at where I might improve.

Here’s some things I pledge to do differently in year two:

1. I need to a better job figuring out where I can push myself harder, which modifications make sense and where I can level up. I’ve written a bit about this here, Leveling up at CrossFit: Rx versus modified workouts, and now it’s time to think it through and act.

2. I need to make more of a community for me. It matters to me. See Crossfit and what does it mean to say, “I would never do that by myself?” and Things you learn from working out with others for some of the reasons why. True most of the people are lots younger than me but we’re all there to get fitter, faster, stronger.

3. I need to not be intimidated by CrossFit competitions. I like competitions! There’s no age categories in the cross fit open. Maybe that’s what scares me off. But I can do it. It’ll be good for me and I’ll enjoy it.

So bring it on.

This is the year I’ll manage double unders and pull ups!

2 thoughts on “One year anniversary at CrossFit London

  1. I fully support trying out the competitions. If you don’t like it, well, you don’t like it, but what if you end up loving them?

    Also “Crossfit in New Zealand”…omg. Sounds amazing.

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