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What are your plans for the longest day of play?

I love this new government campaign to get people outside and active on the longest day of the year. All that light equals more time to play.  I was chatting with philosophers at the recent meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association about arguments for the view that adults need to play more and now this campaign comes along. I love it.

I’m going on a bike ride (of course)! My daughter and I are riding about 50 km to our church’s family camp. People have offered us drives and we’ve been busy explaining that we’re doing it for fun.

I also love that they used the word ‘play’ in this campaign rather than ‘exercise’ or ‘physical activity.’ I’ve wondered before if thinking of an activity in terms of ‘exercise’ makes us think more negatively about it. Read Is it time to ditch exercise? . I also love summer and daylight and I really struggle with getting outside enough in the winter months. Sometimes I feel like I want to avoid the indoors entirely during the summer season and soak up the rays while I can.

You can read more here about this day of celebration here and here.

It’s June 21, 2013. And here’s some of the official press release.
A National Initiative Encouraging Physical Activity

Canadians from coast to coast are invited to participate in the “Longest Day of PLAY-CANADA”. This initiative (originated in Grey and Bruce counties, Ontario in 2010 encourages all Canadians to be more physically active. Making a commitment to “get active” during the first day of summer and the longest day of the year increases personal awareness, community spirit and encourages all Canadians to consider being physically active all year round!

Participating is easy and it is fun! Every Canadian is encouraged to log as many PLAY hours as possible engaging in one or more activities during the first day of summer and the longest day of the year! Whether you log PLAY hours on your own, with a friend or colleague, in a group or create a community challenge – all physcial activity counts! How many hours can YOU log? Have fun and thanks for participating in “The Longest Day of PLAY-CANADA”!

The photos below are of my daughter (above) and me (below) on the Otago Rail trail last year. This longest day of play won’t be such a big adventure but I always love riding bikes with her!

7 thoughts on “What are your plans for the longest day of play?

  1. LOL, I forgot you’re Canadian. I’m all like “WHAT government initiative?”

    I like your plan. I’m going to an event at an arboretum in the evening, but hadn’t made any plans for the daytime.

  2. As I read this in NZ we are sheltering from a snow storm! Airports closed, roads snowed over and your beloved rail trail is probably under a metre of snow. I just hope our shortest day goes fast!! The downside of reading northern hemisphere blogs on our winter is they make me long for summer days!! Enjoy the warmth and sunlight.

    1. I remember the shortest day of the year in New Zealand. Loved Dunedin’s mid winter festival. It’s tough getting out and being active without the daylight. But now things are getting better for you each day and worse for us!

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