Nestlé introduces pricey bottled water for fitness oriented women

It’s called Resource.

“Resource is more than just a beverage, it’s a reflection of who you are as a woman in the very deepest and most personal sense of your very being, as Cooper went on to explain to the New York Times: “We want to raise it to the level of a lifestyle brand,” he said, “where she’s proud to carry around Resource as her bottled water accessory, so to speak.”Who is the Resource woman, you ask? Well, according to the promotional video, she loves yoga, nature and controlled acrobatics set to ambient techno.”

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I won’t be buying any. I’m with Evalyn Parry.

Words to Bottle This!:

“Just hold on before we go any farther –
I want to take a moment to talk about water.

That liquid that you’re holding, that bottle in your hand,
you though it was water you were drinking, not a corporate brand.
You thought it was cleaner and safer, and better for your health,
but were you thinking about who profits from the wealth
of the public water that’s been taken for free
and sold back to you for an exorbitant fee?
Listen my friends, listen up folks:
Aquafina is Pepsi. Dansani is Coke.
They’re selling filtered tap water and this is not a joke.
These corporate giants buy tap water
at a tax-free-super-discount,
filter it five times, then sell it back to you
for five thousand times the amount
you pay for running water from your tap,
and when I start thinking about that,
my blood starts to boil, my head starts to spin
as I try to understand where to begin.

That H20, the bottle you just tossed,
it represents garbage, safety and cost,
and water table depletion, which is all our of loss


Water must be public, water must be free,
clean water is a human right, not a luxury.
Think about what you drink.
Think! Think about what you drink.

evalyn parry (SOCAN) 2007, all rights reserved

Read the rest here. See dates here for her schedule, performances of SPIN mostly.

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