Sam is guest blogging at Spry about the CrossFit Open

You can read the post here.

And you can read about Annie from Iceland, currently leading in the Open here.

Here’s Annie:


3 thoughts on “Sam is guest blogging at Spry about the CrossFit Open

  1. Wow. I watched that video and even the burpees alone present a big challenge. Good luck working your way into the challenge for next year! I’m glad we are not competing against each other. You definitely have me beat already and we’re not even 49 yet. 🙂

    1. It’s the element of surprise that is tough too. The workouts are announced each week to be completed that week. So just like regular days at CrossFit you’re not sure what to expect. The stuff that’s the hardest for me are body weight exercises, pull ups, hand stand push ups, and the like.

      1. And my running maxes out at 5 km and yoga is not my friend, so you’ve got me beat on those fronts!

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