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March Challenge for Me?

Tracy has blogged before about why she likes 30 day challenges.

I’ve never actually completed one of these though I did begin, with all good intentions, Jennifer Broxterman’s 30 Day Nutrition Challenge.

I don’t recall exactly which day I fell off the wagon. I made it through vegetables at lunch, fruit at breakfast, the benefits of tea, and hydration but got lost somewhere before the fish oil.

But now there’s a new 30 day challenge on the horizon which has the benefit of team accountability. My masters’ rowing group is considering taking on Concept 2’s March Madness Challenge (the advanced version). The basic idea is simple, do 10 km a day for 25 days on the erg, during the month of March.

I may have to tweak the rules slightly though since if the weather is okay in March–that’s iffy–I hope to be getting some bike kilometers in too. I’m thinking 30 km a day on the bike or 10 km a day on the erg for March. Anyone out there both a cyclist and a rower? That rate of conversion seem fair to you?

All of our group workouts in March will be at least 10 km so that’s 3 days a week covered on the erg. I do have some travel booked in March so I might be on the look out for hotels with rowing machines!

My other option is to do the basic version of the challenge 5 km a day for 25 days…that might be less complicated. A rowing friend suggested that and it would certainly be more reasonable given cycling, cross fit, aikido, soccer etc!

The picture above in the inside of the London Rowing Club. There’s actually 2 rows of rowing machines but I wanted to get the ‘tank’ in the picture too.

Come join us if you’d like. The Masters group meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in the early evening and Sunday morning for coached sessions. It’s a fun group and there’s a great coach.