Happy New Year!: Here’s our top ten posts and some underappreciated musings

The blog’s top 10:

You can read more about our year in blogging here. What’s nice about the list is that it’s evenly divided between Sam and Tracy posts. Definitely a joint project!

What’s not so nice about the list are the number of people who find is searching “raspberry ketones and weight loss” or “athletes and upskirts” or “crotch shot.”

If you’re a frequent blog reader you could have likely guessed which posts are the top ones.  But it’s harder to guess which posts are the lonely ones, with few readers on their dance cards, passed over for posts with flashier, sexier titles, maybe.

Here’s our pick of the ten best under-appreciated posts from 2013, choosing from those with under a hundred readers. Enjoy!


Happy New Year!

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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!: Here’s our top ten posts and some underappreciated musings

  1. Geoff Poole says:

    Spinning Out in Banff gets my vote. If that counts coming from a 60 plus, non-philosopher, unsure feminist.


    • Tracy I says:

      Geoff Poole you are so a feminist even if you don’t want to admit it! Can’t be surrounded by all those strong women in your life and NOT be a fan of equality, cousin!


  2. Red Hen says:

    Found you on http://the5krunner.com/2014/01/02/winter-training/#comment-9104. Glad I did! Definitely worth following!


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