Channeling my inner warrior

Aikido is a beautiful, graceful martial art and it’s all about self defense, harmony, balance and blending. I don’t usually think of it as violent. Even in self-defense Aikido is performed with a concern for the well-being of the attacker. In Aikido, it’s the attacker who is vulnerable person.

“Training focuses on re-directing the force of the attacker rather than using strength to overcome them. A fundamental characteristic of aikido is concern for the well-being of the attacker, so students learn to protect themselves rather than harm another person.” Aikido Training

“What may be totally new to you is that part about the attacker being vulnerable. It usually seems that the person being attacked is the vulnerable one. But the truth of the matter is, when someone attacks you, they commit their body to that attack – at least for an instant. And if, at that instant, you don’t behave as expected – for example, if you move out of the way – that attacker will momentarily lose both physical and mental balance.” What is Aikido?

But I’m less certain about non-violence and weapons training.

Grace with a sword? Nonviolence and weapons? I’m not yet sure how this will go. My friend who gave me the birthday bokken has great hopes. For now I’m having to channel my inner warrior. Here’s my first try at inspirational role models.


We all know who Xena the Warrior Princess is.


But you might be less familiar with this swordswoman, Samantha.

“This stoic, armor-clad modern day knight is Samantha Catto-Mott, AKA Samantha Swords. Earlier this year, she won the long sword competition at the World Jousting Invitational in New Zealand. Swords has been training in medieval combat for years, and even designed the weapon she now uses to terrify and defeat her competitors (long swords are strong but not sharp, and designed to behave like a sharp sword, but preferably without killing anyone). “Kickass” actually seems a bit too tame of a word to describe her; I might need to change the title of this post to “Epic Warrior Of The Day” to do her justice. “

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Other suggestions?