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Alpaca Yoga in the Fall

I added “in the fall” because the last time we did Alpaca Yoga it was most definitely winter.

I blogged about Snowga here. Loved it but brrr.

This time, the weather was perfect, sunny, and in the high teens.

I booked alpaca yoga when I was in the early days of recovering from knee replacement number two in April. I wanted to pick a day that was far enough away that I was sure I’d be able to take part. And? Success! Look at me kneeling.

Still not very bendy, but hey, I can kneel now.

Why yoga with alpacas? In my snowga post, I wrote, “There’s something about the alpacas wandering around during the class that makes it better for me. Partly, I’m less self-conscious. No one is looking at my form or the modifications I’m making when there are alpacas to look at. But also the alpacas make me feel like a child again.”

Still true. With alpacas to look at you can be sure no one is looking at you.

Here’s the view from my yoga mat.

I also like that the farm is also a sanctuary and that many of the animals are rescues. You can follow the farm on instagram here. Braeridge is “a forever home & sanctuary for alpacas, horses, ducks & a pig.”

Here’s Douglas and Willow, the pig. Douglas is the white alpaca and he was mistreated and is very skittish around people. But Willow is his best friend. They’re together all the time.

Douglas and Willow, besties