Geeky workouts

My love of sci-fi rarely makes it on to this blog. (Okay, except maybe for the image here in this post, Fear of fat more dangerous than actual fat.)

But as geeky fandom makes it way into the mainstream there are some funny sci fi/fitness interactions.

Here’s some examples:

  1. There’s the Firefly fan group at Spark people discussing how the Serenity crew stayed so fit when they spent so much time of the space ship, here.
  2. Geek Fitness describes his Working Out Like An Avenger fitness program.
  3. Then there’s the Dr. Who Workout, to do while watching marathon episodes of the show. See The “Doctor Who” Workout Is Harder Than It Sounds.
  4. Geek Into Shape has The Walking Dead WOD. Enjoy!
  5. The Ultimate Geek Workout has this suggested cool down:

    “For a cardio cool-down, awkwardly dance anytime a Daft Punk song comes on.

    To tighten your abs, repeatedly sit up in bed at night because some great Doctor Who fan fiction came to you in a dream. Also, aggressively laugh at every reference on The Big Bang Theory.

    Live long and perspire.”

  6. Some people have a specific character as their fitness inspiration. See The Slave Leia Body Challenge: Even geeks need to get into shape. We blogged about it here, Do you want to look like Slave Leia?.
  7. There’s also the Light Saber workout. “The workouts are a mix of martial arts, fencing and play acting — complete with costumes and lightsabers.” Run by the New York Jedi, of course. It’s not just in New York though. The video below is from a California Star Wars workout class for Jedis in training.

Have I missed any?

Me, I like to keep my sci fi watching and exercise separate. I like physical activity best in the great outdoors (rowing, bike riding, cross country skiing).

But when I’m watching Red Dwarf/Stargate/Firefly/Dr Who/Torchwood/Eureka etc, I do like to foam roll tired muscles.

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