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Christine insists on a slow October.

September pretty much chewed me up and spit me out.

Despite my best efforts, I was awash in tasks and challenging situations and new things to learn. There was a lot of fun packed in there too but really it was all too much.

When I woke up Sunday and realized it was October I decided there and then that I was slowing everything way the hell down so I could catch my breath.

I mean, I still have lots of things to do but I am flatly refusing to do them in a hurry.

And I am not taking on anything extra.

I’m going to firm up the beginnings and ends of my days and keep the work in the middle from spilling over into them.

Today, I was giving some thought to what that might look like.

How can I help October feel more restful?

What would make my days feel slower and easier?

And, of course, how can I have those things without having to a lot of work to make things restful, slower, and easier?

I had already decided on journaling, drawing, and yoga as key elements of a slow October and was trying to figure out what yoga videos to do (I like to choose in advance!) when I discovered that Adriene is a step ahead of me.

This month’s Yoga with Adriene/Find What Feels Good playlist is called Ease.

And it includes this practically vintage video of Adriene demonstrating Sukhasana (The Easy Pose).

Easy Pose? That sounds GREAT!

A video from the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. The still image is of her sitting cross-legged on her mat with her hands, palms together in the centre of her chest.

So, that’s yoga figured out for October, now I just need to find the ‘Ease’ version of drawing and journaling and blend them into my days.