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Maple syrup for cyclists: A one word review. Yum!

And cross country skiers, distance runners etc.

I tried it on the chilly, wet, windy Gran Fondo I did the other day. And I liked it. Sweet, but not sickening, no chemical flavour, and a better texture than the usual toothpaste like goos and gels. I’ll buy more. (And no, I didn’t get free samples! They were a birthday gift.) You can buy yours here.

Here’s the blurb about them:

Endurance Tap is an easy to digest, super tasty, high-performance energy gel made with a few simple natural ingredients: Canadian maple syrup, sea salt, and ginger.  With everything you need and nothing you don’t, Endurance Tap fits with your goals of both maximum athletic performance and having a healthy diet.

Endurance Tap was founded in early 2014 by Matt and Pat, old friends who are passionate about endurance sports and nutrition.  After becoming frustrated with many of the “natural” products on the market, and the hard to pronounce mystery ingredients, Matt and Pat decided that they could do better.  As good Canadian boys, Matt and Pat turned to the country’s number one export, and the sticky engine behind the Canadian economy – maple syrup.



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