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Wrong! Sam says that there aren’t just two types of people in quarantine

I don’t know the source of the above image but lots of friends have been sharing it on social media, some with critical commentary, some not.

I think it gets something very wrong. I suspect that most of us who are part of this blog community are to varying degrees both of these people. Fun comfort food, yay! Also, running streaks, daily yoga, and lots of time on Zwift.

Sometimes when I’m stressed because I’m sharing a small place with three other people all with our own busy work agendas or I’m feeling overwhelmed by the global pandemic more generally, I do Yoga With Adriene or take Cheddar for a long walk.

Sometimes like Cate I find I can’t do yoga. My mind is too busy. Yoga feels so slow and I’m easily distracted. I have even paused Yoga With Adriene to doomscroll. Really. Sometimes I’m stressed but my knee hurts too much to walk Cheddar. Or he’s already been out for three walks! He even hid one day because too many people had been walking him. He’s looking pretty svelte.

Last week I had a busy work afternoon that was super stressful. So much Zoom time. So many hard issues to discuss. I retreated to my bedroom with a bag of peanut butter M & Ms to watch BoJack Horseman, which I know is not an easy show but the thing is when I’m like this sometimes fluffy, easy, light shows aren’t enough to engage me. I’ve always liked BoJack, hard as it is. See BoJack Horseman’s running advice.

I’m not alone, by the way. Quill Kukla, a philosophy professor, boxer, and powerlifter, and sometimes blogger here, even teaches a philosophy course called BoJack Horseman and Philosophy: What do we know? Do we know things? Let’s find out!

My point though, my main point, is that there aren’t obviously two types of people in quarantine. We’re all coping as best we can. Sometimes here that’s meant excessive/competitive baking. Sometimes it’s riding bikes indoors. And sometimes it’s laying in bed with BoJack Horseman and M and Ms.

It’s okay to just get through this.

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Winter streaming: What are you watching and why?

People reveal their winter streaming habits got me thinking. What do you watch and why?

Me, I’m spending time on the trainer spinning. It’s all with very little resistance, more knee physio than actual exercise.

I’m hoping to be well enough to be playing outside in the snow by the time winter hits for real but for now I’m stuck indoors.

I’m also out of my fave things to watch. There’s no more Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman, Game of Thrones, or Arrested Development. No more Sens8. So sad.

Also, no more Firefly but that’s a sad story for another time.

On my “to watch” list I’ve got Dark, GLOW, season 2 of Stranger Things. What else do you recommend?

Photo by Petar Petkovski on Unsplash, image description: a road surrounded by snow trees with a bike laying down on the center line
Photo by Petar Petkovski on Unsplash. [Image description: a quiet road surrounded by snowy trees with a bike laying down on the center line.]



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BoJack Horseman’s running advice

I’ve been watching a new (to me) show with my son. After years of claiming that I don’t like animated sitcoms, like the Simpsons and Archer, at my son’s insistence I tried BoJack Horseman. And I really like it.

I especially love how much the show embraces sadness. Here’s the show’s creator describing BoJack, “One of the ways I would describe his character when I first was pitching my show is he’s someone who looks around at everyone at a party and simultaneously feels smarter and stupider then everybody there. He thinks he’s the best person in the room, but he also thinks he’s the worst. And that idea that “I am smarter then all these people, so why can’t I figure out a way to be happy like them?” was one I was always very interested in exploring. In my most misanthropic, narcissistic moments, how I would look around a room of people and feel that way about myself.”

I don’t often get a chance to talk about the shows I like on the blog though I did sneak a reference in here.

But Season Two of BoJack Horseman ended with a great message about running and about life.