Sam’s somewhat silly Christmas list, Part 2

My first silly Christmas list is here. Suprisingly, I had fun putting it together.

And now look, there’s more!

More silly workout tshirts

Like this one.

And then there’s these.

The internet’s most popular counter top ice cream maker

The Ninja Creami

Recipe books for the Ninja Creami

Because, of course you need a cookbook to go with the device.

Princess & Dragon scarves

I love this scarf.

But I think almost all of the scarves from this Montreal workshop are very lovely

A cute velvet Levi’s back pack

Pink Pre-lit Christmas Tree for our Front Window

I like a real tree for the living room but a front window tree would also look pretty nice.

Plum and Posey Necklaces

“Plum and Posey creates meaningful and timeless jewelry in Amherst Nova Scotia, crafted from casts of antique wax seals. Each design is lovingly chosen from a treasured collection of many rare and beautiful seals, collected from around the world by designer Adrinna Hardy.”

They’re on sale here.


On the Holyflaps website

Let us know what you think....