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Sam is going to take on an interesting walking challenge

For years, I’ve begrudged all the good that’s supposed to come from walking. That’s because I haven’t been able to walk for any distance. So when it comes to all the stories about the good that comes from walking, especially when it comes to thinking, writing, and other intellectual and emotional goods, I’ve just looked away. Lalala. Not listening.

I can’t hear you, Ernie

Surely riding a bike is just a good?

I know, likely not, but I’m just being honest about my reaction.

Now I can walk, regularly and reasonable distances, I’m coming around.

This week, I shared on our Facebook page, a story about the virtues of walking, even short distances, after each meal. And I’ve been thinking about giving it a go. Cheddar will be very happy. A quick walk around the block after breakfast, before work, and another quick walk after dinner. At lunch, I’ll have to walk on campus, but I often have time for a short walk.

What are the five main benefits of walking after eating?

It’s a pretty convincing list– Heart health, sleep, digestion, blood sugar, and, of course, weight loss. I’m not personally convinced about the last one and I also don’t really care.

But evening out blood sugar and digestion are the biggies for me.

Once I’m well I’m going to give it a try and report back. Cheddar will be very happy.


Let us know what you think....