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Sam is setting some September intentions

Okay, it’s 18 days in. But September is blazing by so fast!

I’m responding to my friend Todd’s challenge and setting some September intentions. We both struggle with winter though our reasons aren’t exactly the same. I’ve made my peace with the cold and the snow and for me, it’s mostly about the dark. Todd has it worse, I think, not liking either!

Here’s his post.

Here’s my September intentions:

🍁 Add in one Zwift training session and one long ride a week.

🍁 Now that I can hike, find places to walk with Cheddar that are new. It’s part of my “get to know Guelph” better plan.

🍁 Try one new class at the fancy gym.

I’ve got a longer more detailed plan for the winter and fitness but I like the idea of starting with 3 concrete September things!

Let us know what you think....