Eleven knee supporting exercises I do pretty much everyday, you know, in case you were curious

I’ve written a few times about things we can do for our knees and about just how much physio I’m up to these days.

In case you’re curious, here’s what I typically do when I’m not going into the clinic for physiotherapy.

On most days I divide this into a morning set and an afternoon set with another round just of flexion and extension in the evening. When I’m going into the clinic, I let that count as my afternoon set.

After a round of physio exercises, there’s then elevation and icing but that’s getting less urgent now which is good since I’m returning to work next week. Luckily there’s a freezer at my workplace for ice and a ton of room for physio in my office.

In preparation for returning to work, I’m moving all of my physio appointments to the evening. I’m very excited about biking there. It’s about 5 km from my office and then another 7 km home, so a perfectly reasonable summer evening bike ride.

In bed:

1. Quad sets

Quad sets with towel under knee

2. Short arc bend with tube under knee

3. Leg flexion with assistance and hold

On floor:

4. Leg lift over block

5. Side leg lift

With resistance band:

6. Clam shell

7. Sit to stand

8. Glute bridge

9. Leg extension

On steps:

10. Calf raises


11. Knee flexion

I do other stuff too–TRX squats and some kettlebell swings. At the clinic, I also do some weighted sled pushes and pulls, I use the leg press machine, and then there’s my least favorite, monster walks. My favorite is riding my bike on the trainer which also helps a lot. But the eleven above are the everyday, mainstay of my daily rehab workout.

Not these kind of monster walks

Let us know what you think....