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Top Ten April 2023 Posts, #ICYMI


Catherine wrote about the Dalai Lama sticking his tongue out. She was writing about mediation but I guess people searching key terms related to the recent controversy found her post. This was our most read post in April.


Cate’s still menstruating post was the second most read post. It’s usually in the top ten.

Three is the magic number

Catherine’s 2017 post on the Sit rise test and what it does and doesn’t show is having a bit of a moment as the sit rise test is in the fitness news again. It’s our third most read post this month.


In 2019 Catherine wrote about yoga poses she can’t do and what she does instead. Yoga poses was the fourth most read post on the blog in April.


The first of the most read posts that was written this year, Mina’s Sweating like a whore was our 5th most read post.


In 2017 Michelle blogged bout her changing relationship with her FitBit. Walking 20k steps a day was our 6th most read post in April.


Tracy’s 2013 post The shape of an athlete was the 7th most read post in April. I still love that post too!


And in other Tracy news, she also blogged about her new project. Tracy’s new blog was our 8th most read post.


Pain and the human playground was a short review I wrote about a show about endurance athletes and their limits. It was the 9th most read post in April.


And last but not least, the 10th most read post was one of the latest installments in my ongoing saga of knee surgery and recovery, Knee surgery recovery second time around.

And tomorrow it’s the start of May!

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