Summer routines: On bringing a book to work

As part of my monthly updates–originally serving to track my progress to knee replacement surgery and recovery!–I’ve been reporting on how much I’ve been reading.

Why, you ask, on a fitness blog have I been reporting on reading goals? That gets to the why of tracking. I’ve been tracking reading as a way of motivating myself to read more. Tracking does that for me, YMMV. (I also use Goodreads.) And I’ve been wanting to read more because as with physical activity, it’s a big mood booster for me. Reading fiction helps me slow down, but slow down in a deliberative way.

Now that I have been meditating a bit, I think reading works in some similar ways. I’m not saying it has all the benefits of meditation, but I do feel more relaxed, happier, more at peace when I read more.

Also, to be clear I also read fiction because it’s important and pleasurable and intellectually engaging in and of itself. It’s not all about the instrumental motives.

So, a new plan! Reading at lunch. It will help with work stress, make me take a break, stop me reading email on my phone through lunch.

Here are the books I’m currently reading but I’ve brought Becky Chambers for my lunch time relaxation reading:

I’m going to pack a lunch, find a picnic table, take out my book, and chill. You’re welcome to join. BYOBook!

2 thoughts on “Summer routines: On bringing a book to work

  1. Thank you. I love to get book references from different sources. Unfortunately I don’t completely make it through many written books, but love audiobooks. Lunchtime book break sounds like a good relaxing suggestion. Much better than my reading the newspaper.

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