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Zoom ergo time!

The saga behind the arrival of our pandemic erg is here. It has since arrived, been set up, and even used.

The new erg, Soul on the TV, and Sam with increasingly long, curly, grey hair

It continues with me refreshing myself on rowing basics, the parts of the stroke and all that.

And then a member of the 221 workouts in 2021 group asked if I know about Zoom ergo! I did not. But I Googled and see that it’s free and that it involves zooming with world champions and working out together.

“Erg together! Getting on the ergo can be a lot more fun if you row alongside someone else. Zoom Ergos has live workouts every day which you can join for as long or as little as you want alongside dozens of others, hosted by Olympic champions, World Champions, professional instructors and clubs.”

I’ll try it out and report back. I might also start doing a monthly 2k erg test again. We’ll see.

Do you have an erg? Do you workout alone at home during that pandemic? What’s your plan? What are you up to? We’d like to know.

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