Water running. Really?

My physiotherapist is advising it.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

I need inspiration. Tell me your happy stories of water running. Please.

According to this story it could even make me a faster runner if I do it the right way.

This looks like a nice pool to run in but I’ll be starting out at least in the university pool.

11 thoughts on “Water running. Really?

  1. I did it as part of injury recovery some years ago. Felt – and I’m sure looked – completely ridiculous – but it was hard work and helped maintain muscle strength while i couldn’t do anything weight bearing.

  2. One of my favorite group of people to lifeguard for were the 5:30am water walkers. They met to chat about their days and socialize. Totally could’ve done it any other time of day but they said it was easier to schedule at that time and the pool was always quiet. Also, occasionally we’d get teens come into the pool, they would sometimes try the water walking belts and try to do laps. Most of them barely finished one lap before commenting how hard it was.

  3. Yes, I do it as a way of getting in more “running mileage” without stressing feet or body. I do it after a 20 min swim. I wear a water belt that the pool supplies. These come in various waist sizes. The goal is about the running motion, not about the speed of the lengths. You will slowly move up and down the lane, but not at anything resembling running speed. I prefer to do it when there are lots of other group activities going on in the pool, to give me something to look at. I also prefer that there be music playing over the loudspeakers, which there is only when an aquarobics class going on. But, even when I do it late at night, with few people around, and no music, I do find it very meditative and relaxing. I find that the first 5 minutes seem to mentally take forever, but once I get through that, I can go for half an hour. I would encourage you to give it a try.

    1. Oh, forgot to say, you need to snug up the water belt pretty tight, or else once you get in the water, it will float up under yer boobs LOL which is very uncomfortable!

  4. I did it as part of injury recovery when I was a Serious Runner and I had a stress fracture, and then again when recovering from an ankle sprain. It was surprisingly difficult and therefore unpleasant for me, lol. (I used a floaty belt and did deep water running, not the option of actually letting my feet touch the ground). I also found that some of the moves actually aggravated my injury — water running really* makes you focus on alignment. My experience was that it’s helpful like physio is helpful but not “fun” like a workout I enjoy.

  5. I like it and do it when I’m on the boat somewhere where the water is good (like the Bahamas). It’s a workout. Tough to listen to music, though, so it gets old fast.

  6. I did it while pregnant with my first son because regular running hurt too much. I love it! We also used to do it regularly in high school cross country practice.

  7. I’ve been doing water jogging for a long time—first started when my left knee gave out years ago and later loved to do it in the cold water of Lake Huron as it soothed my knees. I too find it very meditative. After I had my first knee surgery I couldn’t wait until I could get in the pool again (once the incision healed) to start running in the water again. Highly recommend it.

    1. I’d love it if you guest posted for us about exercise and your knee surgery. Please!

  8. It sounds like something I would like to try! I cannot run due to my knees and poor balance, but I lift weights a lot and can use something that offers me a different challenge. Off to YouTube to see if there are any videos!

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