Showing a little (or a lot of) spring skin

Oh Canadian university campuses, you’re cute once the temperature hits 15 Celsius in the spring. Bye bye parkas, bye bye boots. Hello flip flops and sun dresses.

It’s true that Ontario didn’t really have spring. We went from too cold to run one week, to too hot to run in tights the next. Straight to shorts it is then.

But each spring there are two reminders I want to give the world when it comes to bodies, choices, and showing skin.

Guest blogger Carly  beat me to the first one when she posted this on Facebook,

this is your springtime reminder that even though everyone looks hella cute in the sunshine, hollering or whistling at people, commenting on their bodies, demanding smiles, or otherwise harassing them is shitty violent behaviour and probably misogyny. don’t. okay? okay.

Also, you can wear what you want. That’s my second reminder. There’s zero obligation to get your body into a certain kind of shape before wearing shorts, showing your arms, or whatever. Miniskirts aren’t for the young and skinny. Bikinis are for whoever wants to wear them. Enjoy!

Don’t judge. And if you can’t resist judging, then at the very least don’t share. No one needs to hear your views about what people shouldn’t wear in the summer heat.

It’s Canada. Summer is short. Enjoy!



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