Aikido and the Walking Dead

So I don’t have a television. I mean, I watch stuff on Netflix but we gave up regular, old television back when the kids were little. Why? See a very early blog post from three years ago called Moderation Versus All or Nothing.

I would have been happy watching one or two hours a week of commercial TV but I never did. I watched a lot more, missed out on reading fiction and exercising, and so we got rid of our television. It felt good though now we watch movies and tv series on netflix and seem to be able to keep it in control.

But now apparently there’s an episode of the Walking Dead I have to watch, or so all my friends tell me.

See Last Night’s Walking Dead Had No Answers, Lots of Aikido and The Walking Dead: What Is Aikido?

I’m hoping lots of people get excited about Aikido as a result. The Art of Peace is now sold out on Amazon!

I haven’t watched the episode yet. I hope to soon. In the meantime, here’s a some history and demos.



Did you watch it? What did you think? Interested in giving Aikido a try?

4 thoughts on “Aikido and the Walking Dead

  1. If all you have is Netflix (like me), you will be waiting awhile to watch that episode! Netflix only has through season 5 and we just finished that last night. 🙁

  2. I haven’t seen the episode, but there have been times I’ve left the mat feeling like one of the walking dead. (That said, I keep on training.)

  3. Aikido is also mentioned prominently in The Man in the High Castle (on Amazon Prime). The heroine practices aikido at at dojo in San Francisco (in an alternate history in the the 1950’s). I liked both depictions (in Walking Dead and Man in the High Castle)

  4. The Walking Dead holds no interest for me whatsoever. There’s enough violence in life without watching it as gratuitous entertainment. Aikido, on the other hand, interests me greatly. I had a wonderful experience with Tai Chi a few years back and I’m looking for ways to expand upon that. Sadly my two biggest obstacles are time and money but I’m not giving up hope that I’ll be able to try Aikido some day ☺

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