Spring riding in my sights!

I’ve got a countdown to the first day of spring running on my desktop.

Current status:

Spring is on  Thursday, 20 March 2014

33 days, 6 hours remain till Spring

First Day Of Spring


Okay, the counter doesn’t say “whee!” I added that bit.

While I am a big fan of winter running, I miss my bike. And this year I haven’t been doing much bike-wise on the off season. My plan is to start early and ride lots! Get the pesky base kilos out of the way while it’s still miserable out. I don’t need warm sunny days for riding but the temperatures we’ve had this winter plus the amounts of ice and snow have made it all but impossible for all but the hardened commuters/fat tire cyclists.

But next week. there are days where the temperatures are above freezing, for the first time in awhile. The university is on spring break and while my travel plans have changed (no riding in the American South for me) I plan to get my bike out.


Calvin and Hobbes
Image: Sam in spiffy red cycling jacket (thanks Dave), black helmet, and sunnies

4 thoughts on “Spring riding in my sights!

  1. Everytime I drive my route to work I keep telling myself, “As soon as it gets warm, I’m so back on my bike!” I’m just not that bad-ass in this Arctic weather. Plus it’s a 15 mile treck, one way. That’s a whole lotta frozen! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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