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A Morning Run (Guest post)

I am not a morning person. But neglect of mornings impoverishes my day, I know. And damn it’s hot out now any time, except in the early morning. When else am I supposed to exercise? It was much easier to get myself running in the Fall, Spring, and even the Winter. I only gave up at -10C when my skin started to freeze. So I aim to get up at 7am – or maybe earlier? – to run for the next few weeks.

There are many benefits to morning exercise, I understand. I’ll be energetic throughout the day, I’m told. And yes, I do remember that from past experience, and I sure could use that energy. Plus it means that working out won’t complicate my day by throwing the need to bathe into the middle of it.

Can I actually feel refreshed enough to have the desire when I wake up in the morning to go running? I do have that desire sometimes in the evening, when it seems like a perfect way to create space for myself after the workday. Exercise in the morning demands a different kind of resolve, I find.

Today after a few days of failed attempts, I was up at 7am and out running. I only go about 3K and I walk about a third of that. I’m approximately on week 4 of the (9 week) “Couch to 5K” program. It’s taken me 2 years to get to that point! But it has made me feel better: more relaxed, energetic, and it actually helps my back problems.

It was tough this morning. I usually run in the evening, and it’s difficult to work out at a different time of day and especially in the morning. At least that was my understanding when I used to keep up on fitness information.

I’m holding on to the hope that my body will get accustomed to running in the morning and it won’t be quite so difficult as it was today. Running also was a lot easier when I was younger (I’m now 47) and weighed less.

However, when I have tried running in the past it was never so fun as it is now with my dog, Abbie. A husky may be the best running partner. She’s no lazy Labrador; a choice between exercise and food is really tough for her. A run with my dog is a fantastic thing to do any time of the day.

I was really surprised this morning how very many happy people I shared the path with: runners, dog walkers, roller bladers, cyclists, fishers. Oh yes, I get to run along the Detroit River which has a lovely multi-use path on the Windsor side, and my beautiful dog often earns smiles of admiration. However, today the people smiled as much at me as we all shared the luxury of early morning exercise along the river. I hold out hope that I’ll manage to do this again.

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  1. I’m on Week 3. 🙂 I finish the entire 5k though, walking and running, but I’m using the program to gradually increase my running intervals. I am a morning person and I was out on the track at 6 this morning. It’s not so bad, really! Morning people are very nice and like to wave and say “good morning.” Join us!

  2. Thanks Cathy!!! You are all shockingly nice, you morning folks. It was truly a pleasant surprise and will help me get out next time. I never imagined how many people were just waiting… well, walking, running, etc…. to wish me a good day!

  3. Nice post, Cate, I enjoyed reading about your running. I think I’d like to run with a dog!

    I guess I am a morning person, if only because of years of conditioning where I HAD TO get up early for work. This will freak you out, but on running mornings I set my alarm for 5:30 🙂 Partly that’s because I really need at least 40 minutes for coffee and warming up, partly because it’s SO darned hot now. I don’t know why I decided to start Cto5K in May 🙂

    I’m on Week 8 Day 2 now – at little behind schedule because of a missed week and 2-3 missed runs, but that’s OK. If I just DO IT I’ll be happy, no matter how long it takes. Like everyone else that does the program, I am absolutely stunned that I’ve made it this far!!

  4. Hey, back off the Labs! 🙂 Mine is a running, sprinting, ball fetching machine!

  5. Thanks, Cate. As a morning runner and someone who generally prefers morning exercise I know all about the friendly morning people!

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