A poster, a DVD, and a blog post about women in Aikido

Aikido isn’t bad for numbers of women, especially when compared to other martial arts. But I often wish there were more of us on the mats. My antennae are raised when I see or hear mention of the issue.

I’ve written a bit about wanting more women in Aikido in my blog post about Aikido called Six things I love about Aikido and six things I struggle with.

Here’s three things about women in Aikido that crossed my screen this week.

Thing 1. I’m admiring this terrific poster from an Aikido dojo in Wilmington. I think it’s brilliant.

Thing 2. I’m also wanting watch this movie: Women in Aikido.

“Holding up Half the Sky: Women in Aikido. A video portrait of women aikido instructors. This sixty-five minute video/DVD features 10 of the top pioneering women in aikido from The United States Aikido Federation. Including interviews and demonstrations, the video/DVD shows the commitment of these instructors who have influenced the art of aikido through teaching widely either at seminars or as chief instructors at their own dojos.”

Thing 3. And I think is a great blog post on women in Aikido,
Women and everyone else in Aikido.

” Aikido must be inclusive to accomplish what the Founder saw as its essential mission of bringing people together. People may have exceptional talents teaching children, they may be exceptionally nurturing to those of us who have been damaged in various ways. We will find those individuals who have great insight into the spiritual side of the art and they may not be the ones who are best able to show how to handle a roundhouse kick to the head. Instructors should make it a priority to create a new generation of instructors both male and female, young and old, who are empowered to make their own explorations of what Aikido can become and our organizations should support these teachers in following their visions. It is only by doing this that Aikido can grow in such a way that it is both inclusive and has the elements which a widely divergent group of practitioners requires.”

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