Six Things I Love about Aikido and Six Things I Struggle With

I love Aikido. I really do. I often feel like it’s a classic bad romance though since I love Aikido but I also really struggle with it. Sometimes I’m not so sure it loves me back!  I’ve been a student at the Aiki Budo Centre (ABC) of London for about 5 years now, though I’ve had two 1 year leaves for travel to Australia and New Zealand where I dabbled with other forms of Aikido. I recommend Aikido to all of my friends who want to try a martial art.

I also train with the Western Aikido Club on the university campus. (Both ABC and WAC practice the Yoshikan style of Aikido. There’s a quick run down on the different styles of Aikido here.)

I began Aikido when my children were younger and it was the one activity that attracted both sons, the ballet dancer and the now football/rugby player. One liked its grace and beauty and the other liked the more martial aspects. That is, he liked the fighting part! I noticed after about six months of watching the boys and thinking it looked fun that some of the parents stuck around for the adult class and the children stayed in the room and played. Now it’s  my 20 year old daughter and me who are students of Aikido. Her brothers have moved on, as teenagers do, but I hope one day they’ll come back.

Some of the things I love:

What I struggle with:

It’s my goal during my run up to “fittest at fifty” to test for a new belt at Aikido. I’ll keep you posted!

And if you want to come watch Aikido or give it a try, just send me a note. It’s a lot of fun.

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