Training for my 4th Kyu Test in Aikido

It’s test review time in Aikido. Here’s what I need to know:

In our dojo, you don’t decide to test. Others decide for you. Those who are ready are invited to test. You do train to test though and that’s what I’m up to. The idea, which I love, is that you aren’t asked to test if you aren’t ready. Everyone is expected to pass the test which makes standing up in front of the class, all eyes watching, being judged by Senseis in their white pajamas and black skirts, a little less nerve wracking.

The black skirts, by the way, are called “hakamas.” Here’s an explanation of who wears one.

They are tricky to fold, I hear.

While I like this approach to testing, it does tend to make the weeks leading up to test time a little stressful though. All that observing!

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This time  I am going to prepare as if testing and if I’m not asked it won’t go to waste. There is another test at the end of the summer and this year it looks like I might actually be here for it. Research and conference travel haven’t always fit well with Aikido testing and I’ve progressed more slowly that I might otherwise because of work and all my other active commitments. See On being a Jill of all sports.

In the videos that follow, you can see the techniques I’m working on for this test in addition to Aikido’s basic movements. Apologies for all the dudes in the videos that follow. Aikido isn’t that much of a sausage-fest in real life. But all the You Tube videos of basic techniques and test techniques seem to be made by guys. (See A poster, a DVD, and a blog post about women in Aikido.)

Shomen Uchi Yonkajo Osae (1)

Mune Mochi Hijishime (2)

Shomen Uchi Kotegaeshi (2)

Ryote Mochi Tenchi Nage (1)

Suwari Waza Ryote Mochi Kokyu Ho (1)

On one section of the test they can also call techniques from past tests. As a result just memorizing the order of the test won’t work this time. I’m working on my Japanese. “Mochi” for instance means “grab.” Other tough stuff: kneeling techniques. Ouch, ouch, ouch my knees. Also, advanced breakfalls. But I’m getting there. I’m seeing real progress and I’m a lot more patient with myself. Maybe as 50 approaches, I’m finally treating myself with the compassion I know that others deserve.

Thanks to Sensei Derek for helping me learn the Japanese. Here’s my crib sheets!

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