Top Ten August 2023 Posts, #ICYMI

  1. Rest in power fit feminist, friend, philosopher, fashionista, fellow dog walker, and yogi Cate Hundleby
  2. In 2020 Sam blogged about the lack of representation of larger women’s bodies in fitness images. See Where are the muscular, larger women’s bodies?. It was the second most read post in August.
  3. Cate’s still menstruating post was the third most read post in July.
  4. Catherine’s post Don’t try this at home: What to make of teeny-weeny fitness studies was our fourth most read post.
  5. Tracy’s 2013 post The shape of an athlete was the 5th most read post in August.
  6. In 2019 Catherine wrote about yoga poses she can’t do and what she does instead. Yoga poses was the sixth most read post on the blog in August.
  7. Mina’s moving post How Do I Keep Moving Through Uncertainty? was seventh.
  8. I love it when guest posts make the Top Ten list. 3 things I hate(d) about running by guest blogger Stacey Ritz was our 8th most read post.
  9. Another guest post in the Top Ten list is Movement in Transition by Alex Boross-Harmer. It was our 9th most read post. Here’s hoping Alex and Stacey blog for us again!
  10. Our tenth most read post was Stacey’s earlier guest post, Running does not have to be an achievement journey.
Stacey’s post-5K.jpg:  “Sinking my teeth into the race’s namesake after the finish.
(alt-text: a woman wearing a blue hat taking the first bite of a butter tart)

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