Top Ten July 2023 Posts, #ICYMI

Cate’s still menstruating post was the most read post in July.

In 2019 Catherine wrote about yoga poses she can’t do and what she does instead. Yoga poses was the second most read post on the blog in July.

Catherine and Pata test ride an adult e-trike and aren’t pleased was third.

Pain and the Human Playground (a mini review) by Sam was fourth.

Tracy’s 2013 post The shape of an athlete was the 5th most read post in July. Wild!

Sixth was Nat’s post on finding cycling bibs that fit.

Our seventh most read post was Sam’s post about heading into her last decade of work.

Leaving the university gym by Sam was our eighth most read post in July.

Nicole wrote about the TikTok Girl dinner trend and that was the ninth most read post in July.

Finally, our 10th most read post was On being a life-long clumsy/klutzy athlete (emphasis on the athlete part) by Catherine.

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