Knee replacement recovery is an all on thing

In the last week I’ve seen two personal trainers, one physiotherapist and one massage therapist. I’ve ridden my bike on the trainer most days and I’ve carefully met my step goal everyday.

Also, I’ve done physio at home everyday.

It’s a full-time job. I’m thankful for my benefits and for a life that allows me to focus a lot of my energy on recovery.

But it’s a full on time and money consuming thing. I’ve got a lot of determination and good habits and a life built around time to exercise but I still struggle. I’ve got lots of sympathy for people who aren’t used to doing physio through pain and who haven’t rehabbed athletic injuries before.

I’m alternating between feeling grateful I’ve got the time and money to do all this and feeling grumpy that I have to do it. Round two will be this spring, I hope. After that it’ll be another 6-12 months of physio.

And in between this recovery and the next (hoping for right knee surgery this coming spring) I’d like a bit of a break on concentrating on knees and knee physio.

What I’m hoping for when all that’s done is everyday stuff without pain (getting groceries and standing at convocation) but also hiking, long dog walks, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and dancing up a storm.

Unlikely this is my dancing future but a person can dream.

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