Canadian Living and Feminist Fitness! 

I feel a bit like kd lang when she sang about being Miss Chatelaine. Except it’s not just me. It’s Tracy and me and the blog. And not Chatelaine but that other iconic Canadian women’s magazine, Canadian Living. A reporter spoke to us months ago about being profiled in their January issue, as an alternative to the usual new year’s resolutions stories about weight loss.

And now, there we are! We hadn’t seen it at first. In the grocery stores the December issue was still on the stands. But we had reports from our mothers, who both subscribe. Of course they do.

Here’s Tracy’s Facebook status: “Samantha and I are in the January issue of Canadian Living magazine. We haven’t seen the article yet but apparently (according to the unbiased opinion of my parents) it’s fabulous and we’re awesome!”

I checked with my mother and got a very similar report by text message, “Just got the Canadian Living and yes you are awesome but I always knew that.”

As Tracy says, our mothers are very reliable.

It feels good to be out there flying the feminist flag for joyful movement without a focus on weight loss. Women’s magazines make me nervous usually for all the feminist reasons, especially coming up to January 1. But the article about us is pretty well done, I think. It feels great to reach out beyond the blog. That’s what we’re hoping to do with our book too. So pick up Canadian Living’s January issue and have a look for us. If you feel inclined send them a note praising the feminist content.

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