Queer50 interviews fit, feminist and (almost) fifty

Andrew Vail is also approaching the 50 mark and like us is blogging about it. His blog Queer50 “explores the attitudes and ideas about hitting the milestone of 50 and being queer. It also seeks inspiration from those who are 50, are approaching 50 and who have surpassed 50. What is the queer perspective of 50? Fifty individuals offer fifty unique perspectives on 50.”

The idea is terrific. For his blog he’s interviewing 50 queers in the year he’s approaching 50 years.

I agreed to talk to Andrew about bisexuality, fitness, and the big 5-0.

Andrew writes, “Most people don’t look at the approach of 50 as the time to leap headfirst into fitness and martial arts. Most people start to think about slowing down a little bit and perhaps shifting pursuits to the more social or cerebral. After all, riding your bike everywhere and hitting the gym seems the domain of the young and physically ambitious. Most people aren’t Samantha Brennan. With 50 approaching just over the horizon, Brennan, a professor and former Philosophy Department head at Western University, decided to hit the half-a-century mark at full steam. “A friend of mine and I both joked that we were ‘adult onset athletes,’” says Brennan with a chuckle. “We were nerds and not at all interested in sports as children. We have no trophies gathering dust in the closet, we’re just new to this. So we thought 50 was a good time to peak and if we were going to slide downhill from there, we wanted to slide downhill from a pretty high peak. So it’s having fun with the idea of being fit to spite 50.”

Read more here at Queer50.

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