Happy birthday to me! Approaching the end of 50

I’m settling into my fifties. The big 5-0 birthday is behind me and today I turn 51.

Frankly I was feeling a bit low key about it. There’s no big parties for birthdays that end in “1.” My father is seriously ill and it’s hard to muster up the party spirit. But I did have a very lovely birthday bike ride with the usual suspects, Nat, Susan, and David, Jeff, and Eaton yesterday.

Rob still isn’t up for longer rides, post knee injury. Instead, Rob and the kids met us up at the Pinery where some of us camped overnight.

Tonight there’ll be cake and ice cream in my backyard with my parents.

Here’s some of the early arrival gifts. Thanks Susan, Susan, Sarah, Sarah, and Stephanie. And Gavin too, who commented that my friends need names that don’t begin with “S.”

Thanks everyone! I’m sensing a theme.

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