Things we can do for our knees

Either your knees don’t hurt and you should do all you can to keep it that way, or they do hurt and you want the pain to stop. Either your knees will definitely need to be replaced at some point, or you’re going to fend that surgery off for a lifetime.

The thing is, all roads lead to knee-specific strengthening. I’ve done the same exercises to fend off surgery, to get ready for surgery, and to recover from surgery. Right now I’m doing knee physio three times a day.

I don’t often offer advice on this blog. Mostly I think we just tell our stories and set out things we think readers might find useful. But this is different. Trust me, you don’t want knee replacement surgery. It’s painful and it’s time consuming.

I know I’m not a physiotherapist. I don’t even play one on television. So likely you might want to seek out professional advice. But I’m not sure there are bad outcomes from paying attention to your knees now, before you need to.

The worse that happens is that you do a lot of knee specific training and still need surgery down the road. That’s okay. They muscles around your knee will be stronger and recovery will be easier.

I don’t think I ever appreciated one legged squats until I had to lower myself to, and get up from, a toilet seat, with just one leg.

I still think knees are horribly designed but it’s good to know that there’s a lot you can do to make things better.

Here’s a couple of Instagram workouts focusing in on knees, followed by my favorite physiotherapists on the internet, Bob and Brad.


There’s also Bob and Brad. I do these exercises pretty much everyday.


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