Sam’s knee surgery recovery, second time round

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I’ve been home from the hospital for a few days now. Surgery was last Tuesday and I came home Thursday. That’s not exactly as planned. See here for details. But I’m very happy to be home.

How’s it going? How does this round of recovery compare to the last?

In some ways it’s easier. I’ve got one good knee now, more upper body strength, more core strength, and I feel pretty confident moving my recovering body around. Thanks Meg (personal trainer) and Estee (physiotherapist) for all of your help and recommendations. I ditched the walker for crutches after just a couple of days.

I’m doing lots of at home physio. This is the drill three times a day. It’s quad sets, heel slides, short arc leg extension (with rolled towel), calf stretches.

At home exercises after knee replacement

I’m also taking breaks to walk around the house. The helpful guide to recovery from knee replacement says that walking to the kitchen and the bathroom isn’t enough, but also that it’s easy to overdo yourself. I’m doing little laps of the house and the backyard.

Here’s a good description of the kinds of exercises one does when recovering from knee replacement surgery.

Later I’ll work my way up to fancier in bed knee exercises to start the day.

True confession: I fell off the no shopping wagon. There’s not a lot I can do right now–even reading is tricky– and I enjoy shopping. So I’ve ordered some new clothes and shoes and I’m trying not to judge myself too harshly for it. But I stuck to things I needed and I didn’t go overboard.

Here’s what I’m not buying this week.

Things Sam didn’t buy this week

The real challenge is sleep. OMG it’s tough. I can sleep a few hours at a time and then the pain wakes me up. I go through a little routine of taking more pain meds and getting fresh ice but there’s no guarantee it works. Then I’m sleepy during the day and nap and that makes it worse again at night. Middle of the night binge TV watching becomes part of the routine pretty quickly.

My week’s highlight was an actual shower. That felt so good. I laughed when I read about the climber who lived underground in a cave for more than 500 days and who said what she wanted most after was a hot shower. Me too. Me too.

Sam’s happy post shower face

I’m sitting in a comfy chair, hanging with the dogs and visiting with family. It’s not too bad really.

What I’m watching this first week home from surgery: The Expanse, Season Three of Picard, and Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

Here’s what I’m reading:

Eight Strings by Margaret DeRosia

And in clinic physio starts Tuesday. Wish me luck!

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