Sam’s new knee is home at last

My second knee replacement surgery was scheduled for day surgery on Tuesday April 11th and we’re home now the afternoon of Thursday April 13th.

So it wasn’t exactly day surgery. What happened?

The same thing as last time. The knee replacement surgery went well but everytime I tried to stand up, my blood pressure went way down and I got all woozy and faint. They don’t want people with newly replaced knees falling so I stuck around in the hospital for a few more days. Here’s a photo of my special bracelet, “Call, don’t fall” reminding me to call a nurse for assistance getting out of bed rather than attempting it solo.

I’m excited about the weather I’m coming home to though. It’s true there’ll be no biking or dog walking but I’m looking forward to sitting out on the back deck with my new bird feeder.


And I’ll have company in the back yard too. Thanks for the photos Mallory.


In person, at the clinic, physio starts next Tuesday. Staples out in two weeks. Aquafit starts in four weeks, approximately. Check up with the surgeon in six weeks. And then, I hope, back to work.

Ready for post surgical knee rehab round two!

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