Catherine turns January blahs and writing block into a blog post of sorts

A yellow VW bus with the words blah blah blah blah, etc. on it.

Well, it’s happened: I’m sitting here in front of the white screen of my laptop, waiting for blog post inspiration to strike, and… uh, nothing. It’s kind of like when you open the fridge or peruse a menu at a restaurant, and nothing grabs your attention. Caesar salad? Nah. Six things I don’t like about Man Flow Yoga? Not feeling it. I do have a post-in-process about the Dalai Lama’ 10-day Happiness Challenge, but it’s only day 6, so that will have to wait. (Spoiler alert: the Dalai Lama has this super-cute habit of sticking his tongue out after he makes a joke, which is often. I love this).

So, what’s been going on this week? Well, I missed a day of meditation because of travel busyness, so my Ten Percent Happier app restarted me. I always have a momentary “Drat!” response, but the upside is that I get short-streak phone confetti as I progress through the three-day, five-day, etc. streaks. Here’s one of their reminders.

I hit a 3-day streak for the 39th time. Restarting is a big part of my meditation practice.

My sabbatical is ending (which perhaps might explain some of the January blahs I’m feeling), so I’ve been in a flurry of last-minute-before-teaching activity. I’m cleaning out my junk room/study and turning it back into a guest bedroom/study. Clearing out stuff is in some ways easy for me– I enjoy getting rid of things and sending them on their way. Donating books to the library– check. Dropping off stuff at Goodwill or some other place– check. It’s the stuff I want to keep that creates problems. Where to put it? How to organize it? Here are some of the categories that create storage conundra for me:

I’m a member of a Buy-Nothing group, which I love. I’ve gotten rid of things and also picked up a few things from them. In addition, it’s often amusing to see what folks will list. One person offered up some chocolate chip cookies, which “are a little burned, so we won’t eat them. But maybe you would like them?” Seriously, this was an actual post.

I’ve made some progress in sorting and designating locations and stay-or-go decisions but am stalled at the moment.

Yes, the image of pushing a car uphill seems rather apt this week.

Of course, once classes get going this coming week, I’ll be back in gear (get it? gear? well, I’m trying) and the feeling of being suspended will go away out of necessity. I also want to join a gym next week. I’ve picked out one to visit, but just haven’t managed to get there, even though it’s a 10-minute drive from my house.

Oh, I misspoke; it’s actually a 9-minute drive.

One more thing before I go and tackle the study again: here are some clothing items I managed not to buy this week:

Used but in good condition cardigan and dress, both red. Perused but bought by me this week.

If you’re still reading, thanks for stopping by. I expect to be my active FIFI-topical self next week. Keep an eye out for my Dalai Lama and how to get happier post soon. In the meantime: how’re you doing? Feeling blah? Are you energized by the new year? What’s up? I’d love to hear from you, as always.

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