Riding with friends again! Tour de Guelph 2021

We’re getting back to normal riding! And I know there’s a lot of worry about ‘normal’ and what getting back to it means but this is one case where I liked what we had an awful lot and I want it back.

It’s true that this year we’re not riding in a big group. There aren’t hundreds of participants at on etime but it’s better than last year when a full summer of charity bike rides all turned solo or virtual. This year started off virtually, see “Crushing covid” on a virtual bike ride. but the Tour de Guelph is being held in person.

You can ride with small groups and Sarah and I rode with our friend Ellen, who is a nurse here in Guelph. We saw lots of other cyclists out there but I don’t know if they were riding in the Tour de Guelph.

You can choose your own route and we chose the 50 km route, leaving from U of G, heading north past Guelph Lake to Barrie Hill and back through Edon Mills and Arkell, stopping for iced coffee and baked goods at Cavan on the way home. All told, counting getting to and from campus and coffee, it was more like 54 km but who’s counting! (Here’s our activity on Strava.)

Sarah spotted the selfie station just past Guelph Lake so we stopped and got a group photo.

We’re smiling in these photos but honestly I think we grinned for most of the ride. Whee! A great ride for a great cause.

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