Thought: we can workout, run for office, not be haters and wear a mask, all at the same time

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, lifting weights.

Last week, Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene– an anti-mask, anti-trans, anti-Semitic, pro-conspiracy theory member of the US House of Representatives– posted video of herself on Twitter doing her usual Crossfit workout of lifting weights and doing those odd-looking Crossfitty kipping pullups. I’m not linking to her social media, but in her post she said, “This is my Covid protection. Time to #FireFauci.”

Even (or especially) those who find her politics repellent were nonetheless fascinated by her workout. Why? I can only guess that lots of people find politicians (especially female ones) who are working out to be a novelty.

Well, they’re not. How do I know this? The internet told me. Herewith exhibit A: US Vice President Kamala Harris. She spins, she works out with weights, and she even runs up and down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when they’re handy. You can read more about her workouts here, and watch her in action below.

VP Harris also takes time out from her workouts to pose for selfies with strangers, all the time protecting them by wearing a mask.

Vice President Kamala Harris on right, posing for a safe masked selfie with fine folks in DC.

By the way, in case you were wondering who the cover photo person is, it’s New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, working out with dumbbells in a gym before COVID. Just FYI.

The US doesn’t have the market cornered on active female politicians who believe in science and public health. Former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne , who Cate blogged about here, is an avid runner. She races when she can, and keeps working out when she’s traveling, as we can see here on her twitter feed from a few years ago:

Premier Wynne, in the middled in a red jacket, running with friends and fans.

I couldn’t find a photo of her wearing a mask, but she’s very clear and vocal about her support of masks, both at the local and national levels.

Lots of local politicians are helping to run cities while also running COVID out of town through their efforts. Take Brad Bradford, Toronto city councilor. He helped the Crush COVID: Ride for Mind 24-hour fundraiser net more than $430K.

Toronto city councilor Brad Bradford in hour 9 of 24 hours of indoor cycling for a CRUSH COVID fundraiser.

What we’re seeing in these three public servants are advocacy for science-informed public health, a commitment to being active for themselves and as role models for others, and sending out positive and accurate messaging about how we can live our best lives. At the moment, that includes wearing masks and getting vaccinated. Oh, and not firing one of the longest-serving government workers with expertise that we all need.

Take that, Congresswoman Greene and see if you can pull that message up.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, wearing a tie and a mask, giving us a thumbs up.

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