You like us, you really like us, or our most liked posts of all time

This won’t be a surprise to those of you who know me and those of you who are regular blog readers. I’m a bit of a data geek. Monthly and annually I share our most read posts, I celebrate significant numbers of WordPress followers and Facebook readers. Lately I’ve started to pay a bit more attention to Twitter and Instagram too.

If you’re a regular WordPress user you know that finding out which posts are the most liked is trickier. I recently switched our main page to display top posts as most liked, rather than most read. That gives you the top 10 most liked posts of all time. Interestingly, there’s no overlap between most liked and most read.

Finding that out past the top 10 or on a monthly basis is trickier. Adding the widget requires upgrading (again!) on WordPress and while we’ve upgraded once or twice, that additional leap seems too much for now.

But here, for the curious, are our most liked posts of all time.

Doctorates, Down-Dogs and the Challenge of Self Talk (Guest Post) 488 likes

Beyond Good and Evil (Food) 342 likes

Why Food Is Beyond “Good” and “Evil” 316 likes

Belly Patrolling 63 likes

Repeat after me: Athleticism is beauty. Athleticism is beauty. Athleticism is beauty. Athleticism is beauty… 63 likes

Loving my post-mastectomy body (Guest Post) 53 likes

It’s just another pandemic Monday! 50 likes

The stories our skin tells: Stretch marks, scars, and tattoos 50 likes

Whoever said “eating fried potatoes is linked to higher risk of death” can f**k right off 49 likes

Living Clean without Eating Clean 47 likes

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