Celebrating our 15,000 Facebook Fans

The blog’s first Facebook page was called Fit, Feminist, and Almost Fifty. When we closed it and moved on to the new version, Fit is Feminist Issue, it had 877 followers. I remember looking on at Fit and Feminist, Caitlin Constantine’s page, in envy. She had more than 8 thousand followers.

Caitlin closed up shop last year and I still miss her presence on the internet, both on Facebook and her blog. Tracy and I used to say that it felt like was our cooler, faster, younger sister.

Now we’re celebrating 15,000 followers.

What’s so great about that? I mean other than it being nice to be liked…

It gives us a bigger audience for our blog posts. When we look at where blog traffic comes from almost all of it, with some very rare exceptions, is Facebook. Shares from that page are a big deal for us. Occasionally I think about Facebook and its misbehavior and think about leaving but it would mean significantly scaling back our quest for changing the way people think about fitness. I’m not sure what the answer is but I don’t think feminists should be the first to leave.

It’s not just blog content that’s shared there. I also share a lot of things there that are likely of interest to blog readers. Disagreements occasionally happen and then I draw on our largest blog community to help me moderate. Thanks all!

If you’re a Facebook user and a blog follower, go like us there if you want more feminist fitness content in your newsfeed.

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