Things that make you smile

Regular readers, family, and friends know that all bikes make me smile.

I love my road bike. I love bike commuting. I love bike holidays. I used to love riding on the track at the velodrome. Whee!

Basically riding a bike puts a smile on my face and makes me feel like a kid again. For Tracy, it’s swimming. For me it’s riding a bike.

But not all of my bikes get me smiles from other people. People yell at me on my road bike. See here and here. I’m never sure what it’s about really, the hatred of cyclists–is it the clothing?–but I only hear about it on my road bike.

What bicycling feels like every single time!

So I’m smiling on my road bike but aside from other cyclists, I don’t get that many smiles back.

Other bikes of mine though do merit smiles from pretty much everyone and gather lots of attention from people out and about. I’ve written before that my Brompton is not an introvert’s ideal bike. It’s cute. It’s pink. I even bought a pink sparkly helmet to go with it.

And I think I look approachable riding it, wearing regular everyday clothes, not going too fast.

The fat bike is the same.

So many smiles.

I think it’s partly that fat bikes are so unusual looking. It’s partly that I’m smiling in the snow.

People love to stop and ask questions about the bikes. If you have questions, by the way, feel free to ask in the comments below.

The bikes themselves are playful. They’re very easy to ride. They aren’t technical like mountain bikes can be. The fat tires will roll over almost anything. Yes, you can end up in deep snow off the packed trail but at the end of day, it’s snow you’re falling in.

In the woods I love how quiet they are. I had imagined they might be loud, crashing through the forest. But they’re not. You can ride and hear the sounds of the woods, the birds, and forest animals.

So bicycles make me smile.

So too do my mother’s cookies.


They also make me feel like I’m a kid again.

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