Let’s get started! ##30daysofbiking

Any distance. Any destination.

Join me in taking the 30 days of Biking pledge. Let’s ride everyday in April.

Spring riding isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it involves getting wet and muddy. But I like that it’s not yet about speed or even about distance. Spring riding feels adventurous to me. I just feel happy to be out there.

Unlike later in the summer, I find the people driving cars are happy to see me. I’m a sign of warm weather to come. Mostly they wave and smile.

These days there’s more and more of us out there on bikes. Through the pandemic, more people than ever started to ride. It’s safer than the gym and public transit. It’s good for the environment. Given rising fuel prices there’s yet another reason to ride.

My reason for riding is usually convenience with bonus smiles. That’s my daily commute. Recreational ride is all about the miles and smiles.

See you out there!

Ride your bike. Share your ride.
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