Holiday workouts, #220 in 2020

When my kids were young I honestly felt lucky to get a long walk or some snow tubing in over the holidays. These days I have more time that’s my own during the holidays and thanks to the pandemic and Ontario’s “lockdown” or lockdown-lite, I’m not hosting any Christmas parties or socializing with friends at all. Instead, it’s just me and the Guelph based family at home for the holidays.

I miss everyone a lot, especially my adult kids who don’t live here.

But the one silver lining is that there’s been lots of time for movement. There hasn’t even been sense of squeezing it in. It makes me feel good and it’s the thing I want most to be doing. That’s been true for me throughout the pandemic. I’ve been moving more.

Here’s what my holiday fitness days have looked like:

Boxing Day

Leg Day + ab workout with my son who just moved home.
Look at all the weights!
ZHCC social ride, Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm

“The ZHCC SUB 2.0 Ride is our regular Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday GROUP ride aimed at Zwifters looking for a ride experience at a more relaxed pace. We do not ride fast or race each other, the idea is to ride together and enjoy a group ride at an average sub 2.0 w/kg pace. As we climb up the hills we may exceed 2.0 w/kg but overall the ride will be an average of 2.0 w/kg or slightly less.”

Christmas Day

Xmas Smash Fest, 2:00 pm, a 30 km “no category” race. Given who was actually racing on Christmas Day–hi 20 something speedy young men!–I wasn’t surprised to come last. But I had good company riding with my TFC teammate Jim and another person we didn’t know. We took turns on the front and didn’t finish too far behind some others in the race even if we were more than 10 minutes behind the lead riders.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve ride with The Herd. It was a very chatty tour of London with some actual IRL London cyclists.

Dog walk with kids

The London kids came over for a backyard visit, dog walk, and present swap. That’s Miles and me on the left, more than six feet apart from Mallory and Gavin. We had cookies and hot apple cider and opened the gifts on Zoom on Christmas morning. Oh, we opened the warm, fluffy, giant hoodies that day to stay warm outside.

And of course there was some Yoga with Adriene.

These were workouts number 394-399 of my 220 workouts in 2021. Want to count with us for the new year? Here’s my blog post on how to join us.

With 4 days left in the I’m certain I’ll make it to 400. I blogged earlier about not setting that as a goal and it’s still not. Weirdly if I make it, it’s because I wanted to workout. I enjoy it. It’s fun, even if sometimes it’s Type 2 fun.

I’ll keep counting because I also enjoy counting but I no longer need counting for motivation.

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