Upping the ante? Sam wonders why

I just logged workout number 371 of 2020. I was aiming for 220 but obviously I’ve overshot the mark.

Now people are asking me if I’m aiming for 400. There are twenty five days left until 2021 and twenty nine workouts to 400. That’s one workout a day everyday plus four days with a bonus workout.


And you know what? I could do that. But I’m not sure why I would. I had a goal of 220 and I’ve surpassed it. Yay! There’s no need to up the ante.

I mean it might be that I do make it to 400. I’m riding my bike most days on Zwift. I’m using the TRX and the kettlebell a couple of days a week. I’m also walking Cheddar and doing Yoga with Adriene.

Clearly I’m not opposed to working out more. It’s just that I want to resist the need for perpetual MORE. I posted similar ambivalent thoughts about upping my annual bike distance goal.

If I get to 399 and I’d rather be reading a book or I’m making progress on my writing or I’m baking some cookies, I expect I’ll feel okay to just let it go.

Enough is enough and that’s okay too.

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